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Letters to Juliet A Project of Love for theLovelorn One of my preferred things that has been circumventing the web for quite a while is the EMO individual who posted, What if hes your Romeo, however youre not his Juliet? The exceptionally quick reaction was, That implies youre his Rosaline and you endure the mother truckin play. In spite of the truth of what befalls the star crossd sweethearts, the industriousness in considering them the sentimental perfect lives on. Could it be any more obvious? A great many people, even the individuals who have never perused or seen the play, are bound to evoke this picture, or something near it, than frightful passings: I didnt know, in any case, until I heard a story on NPRs Morning Edition yesterday, that men (for the most part, I surmise) have been writing letters to Juliet forâ centuries.â Initially, not long after the plays exhibitions, individuals left notes at what was believed to be her burial chamber. The quantities of letters left turned out to be extraordinary to the point that the mail station of Verona set up an exceptional office to deal with the volume.â The momentous thing about the letters left for Juliet is that she really answers. Well, understudies for Juliet do. Dozens of volunteers in Verona, who consider themselves The Juliet Club answer, by hand, every one of the 6,000+ letters routed to Shakespeares courageous woman every year.  All of the letters are held in a monstrous file, to which more letters are normally included. The activity must be intense however huge numbers of the volunteers have been grinding away for ten and twenty years, some significantly more. What do they say to these sorrowful individuals? Here would one say one is of their responses to somebody who was making herself insane asking, What if? What and If are two words as non-undermining as words can be. In any case, set up them next to each other and they have the ability to frequent you for a mind-blowing remainder: What if? What if? What if? I dont know how your story finished yet in the event that what you felt, at that point was genuine affection, at that point its never past the point of no return. On the off chance that it was valid, at that point, why wouldnt it be genuine at this point? You need just the mental fortitude to follow your heart. I dont comprehend what an adoration like Juliets feels like love to leave friends and family for, affection to cross seas for however Id like to accept in the event that I ever were to feel it, that I will have the boldness to hold onto it. Furthermore, Claire, in the event that you didnt, I trust one day that you will. All my affection, Juliet† You can peruse progressively about the long history of the Juliet Project in Lise Friedmans study,  Letters to Juliet: Celebrating Shakespeares Greatest Heroine, the Magical City of Verona, and the Power of Love

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The Benefits of Burning Sage

The Benefits of Burning Sage Holistic Health Print The Benefits of Burning Sage By Arlin Cuncic Arlin Cuncic, MA, is the author of Therapy in Focus: What to Expect from CBT for Social Anxiety Disorder and 7 Weeks to Reduce Anxiety. Learn about our editorial policy Arlin Cuncic Medically reviewed by Medically reviewed by Richard Fogoros, MD on May 07, 2019 Richard N. Fogoros, MD, is a retired professor of medicine and board-certified internal medicine physician and cardiologist. He is Verywells Senior Medical Advisor. Learn about our Medical Review Board Richard Fogoros, MD Updated on July 17, 2019  Getty / GS Pictures More in Self-Improvement Holistic Health Happiness Meditation Stress Management Spirituality Inspiration Brain Health Technology Relationships View All In This Article Table of Contents Expand Types of Sage Benefits of Internal Use Benefits of Burning Sage Sage and Mental Health Safety How to Use View All Back To Top Are you curious about burning sage in order to improve air quality in your home, improve your health, or reduce your depression or anxiety? Sage (Salvia) has been used in traditional medicine as a spice and also as a way to improve health. It has a long history of use in Egypt, Rome, and Greek medicine, as well as within Native American healing traditions. As far as burning sage is concerned, dried sage is burned as a possible way to heal, protect, increase wisdom, and boost defense against disease.  Verywell / Brianna Gilmartin Types of Sage What are the different types of sage? Sage is also known as common sage, garden sage, true sage, Spanish sage, and Chinese sage. The botanical term for common sage is Salvia officinalis. Benefits of Using Sage Internally Sage is used today for numerous purposes depending on the method of use. Sage used internally may be taken for any of the following purposes. Burning sage, also known as smudging, involves literally burning the sage leaves and letting the smoke purify the air in your home. Sage can also be taken internally as a liquid, spray, lozenge, capsule, or tablet. Note that while there is some research evidence to suggest the benefits of sage for each of these uses, it remains preliminary and more research is needed to define the benefits of sage for each of these purposes. Overall, it is thought that the phenolic and flavonoid compounds present in sage are helpful in terms of having an antioxidant effect and reducing free radicals. This is further thought to relate to the presence of rosmarinic acid and carnosic acid in sage. Below are some of the purported benefits of using sage internally. pain reliefreducing oxidative stress on the bodyprotecting against free radical damagereducing inflammationprotecting against bacterial and viral infectionstreating minor illnessesas a dietary supplement for digestionsore throat reliefprotecting against memory lossreducing depression or improving moodpreventing obesityfor chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer Benefits of Burning Sage The purpose of burning sage differs slightly from the reasons for taking it internally. The burning of sage is a historical spiritual ritual also known as smudging. Poor air quality may be linked to various health conditions. In this way, burning sage is seen as a cost-effective way to purify the air (to an extent). This is because sage is thought to have antimicrobial properties that help kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi. That being said, its important to keep in mind that burning sage will create smoke, which can cause health problems for individuals who are prone to asthma and other respiratory conditions. Just as with taking sage internally, Some practitioners of alternative medicine believe that burning sage can help to release so-called negative energy. In addition to burning sage, some people use a cleansing spray in their homes. Some of the purported benefits of burning sage include the following. removing bacteria from the airrepelling insectsimproving intuitionpurifying specific objectsimproving mood and reducing stress and anxiety Research on the Use of Sage for Mental Health Overall, not enough research has been conducted on the use of sage for its proposed benefits as they relate to mental health. Because of this, there is not clear support for its use for any mental health condition. However, based on preliminary research, there may be support for the use of sage for the following mental health-related purposes. One area in which there is specific preliminary support for the use of sage is that of mood and memory. A 2005 study showed that common sage improved memory and cognition (thinking ability). In addition, increased dosages were related to improvements in mood, and feeling alert, calm, and content. It has been suggested that sage has a protective effect against neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimers, because of the active compounds it contains. 6 Herbal Teas That May Help Relieve Stress Safety of Using Sage Sage has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use as a spice or seasoning. In general, the use of sage for health purposes is recognized as safe. However, some species of sage contains thujone, which can have an effect on the nervous system. Twelve or more drops of sage oil is considered to be a toxic dose. Some potential side effects of extended use of sage include restlessness, rapid heart rate, vertigo, vomiting, kidney damage, seizures, and tremors. If you plan on using sage internally in addition to burning sage, it is important to let your doctor know (just as you should with any complementary medicines). As far as burning sage is concerned, it is generally safe to do so around children and pets, just as long as you are aware of any possible respiratory conditions the might have. Plus, they may not like the smell. How to Start Burning Sage Would you like to start burning sage in your home? If youre not yet dissuaded by the relative lack of evidence supporting such a practice, rest assured that there is little likelihood of any drawbacks associated with burning sage in your home. In other words, if you feel this practice might benefit your physical or mental health, then theres little reason to avoid taking part. Burning sage is relatively cost-effective as far as mental health practices go, and the benefit of trying something new cannot be denied. So, to get started with burning sage, or smudging as you might also hear it called, you will first need to find a source of your sage. Here you have a few different options: 1. You could purchase sage for burning online or in a health store. 2. You could purchase sage from a traditional healer or shaman. 3. You could grow your own sage with the purpose of drying it for burning. Trim the sage rather than pulling it out by the root. Do not cut stems from the plant until you are sure that it is able to sustain itself and will not die after you cut it. After cutting the sage, gather it in a bundle, tie it, and hang it in a dry place. It is dry enough when it crackles when squeezed. As a beginner, your best bet is to purchase a pre-wrapped bundle or stick of white sage as this will be easier to handle. Traditional users of sage believe that intentions matter when burning sage. For this reason, you should always purchase sage from someplace or from someone you trust. Regardless of which route you choose for obtaining your sage, the basic steps for burning sage in your home will be the same. Steps for Burning Sage 1. You will need something in which to burn the sage. This could be an incense tray or a bowl to catch the ashes as the sage burns. You could also purchase a sage burner. Fill it with earth or sand. Dont use a flammable container and keep water on hand. 2. Open a window or door before you start burning the sage. This allows the smoke to exit your house. 3. Put the sage in the burning container and light it. Let it burn for several seconds and then blow it out so that it keeps smoking. If it stops emitting smoke, try lighting it again. 4. If you are using the sage for spiritual purposes, set an intention for what you are doing. This is kind of like saying that you are starting a new beginning. For example, you might say Let this be the day that changes start to take place. 5. Walk to each room you wish to purify and let the smoke enter it. Do not allow any space to fill with too much smoke. Avoid inhaling the smoke directly. A Word From Verywell Burning sage has a long history and may be helpful to you for starting a spiritual practice or starting fresh. It may be particularly helpful if you are struggling with a transition or wanting to feel good about the positive things you are doing for your home or physical health. However, if you are living with symptoms of severe mood problems or anxiety, it is unlikely that burning sage will help. In this case, it is important to consult your doctor in addition to engaging in a complementary health practice such as burning sage.

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The Loss of Privacy Will Be a Major Consequence of the...

CIS 300 Gabriel Cruz Report #4 The loss of privacy will be a major consequence of the computer revolution The term of â€Å"Computer Revolution† refers to the tremendous change computers have had in Society because of its tremendous development in the last decade. This so called Revolution had facilitated the way we live in the last couple of years. The computers of today make life a lot easier than it was before, you can do anything with a computer on this days, from making an online purchase of any kind of product, chatting with any person doesn’t matter the location you are, or checking your monthly bank statements. However the Revolution also gave some other consequences rather than positive like the â€Å"Loss of Privacy†. The Loss of†¦show more content†¦In Mexico city there have been several cases in relation to Kidnapping where the Social Network play a big influence in the Kidnaper s source. Jim Willies a former reporter for The Oklahoman wrote an article about an 18 year old boy that committed suicide because of his loss of privacy in the internet. Tyler Clementi jumped to his death off the George Washington Bridge shortly afterwards. Two students stand accused of secretly webcasting the sexual encounter involving Clementi and another man (Jim, 2010). The Loss of Privacy is an issue that had lead to a lot of complicated and awkward situations, but also can lead to some positive consequences. Sometimes people don’t remember important information about them, and thanks to the Computer Databases of any kind of organization this person is related to, they can get any kind of personal information stored in those databases at any time. The Health Insurance companies, Car insurance, Bank accounts. Any of this types of Organizations are very helpful when a person doesn’t remember or is disoriented about some personal information they need to have knowledge about. Loss of privacy half of the time happens because people are not careful with the inf ormation they provide and to who they provide it. It is very easy to make any kind of purchase in the internet. Some people don’t even pay attention to who are they givingShow MoreRelatedHow Technology Is Inevitable?1141 Words   |  5 Pagesdaily basis is not a surprising bit of information. And, for most of us, neither is the â€Å"anxiety about ubiquitous surveillance† (Hunt) that accompanies it. We have our privacy invaded nearly every single day, ranging from having our telephone conversations tapped into to being constantly watched by every surveillance camera in a major retail store. One of the newest wonders in technology is the Google Glass—an interesting pair of eyeglasses that allows its wearer to check social media websites on aRead MoreStronger Internet Privacy Laws Are Unnecessary3382 Words   |  14 PagesStronger Internet Privacy Laws Are Unnecessary The Internet, 2005 As you read, consider the following questions: 1. What company was sued because its Web site s advertisement placed cookies on the computers of people visiting the site? 2. In what European country was a privacy-protection law used to curtail free speech, according to Mishkin? The right to privacy has been around since the early part of the last century. It has evolved to apply—more or less—to a disparate array of socialRead More Computer Crime Essay1989 Words   |  8 PagesThe introduction of computers in to the modern household has brought with it new moral issues. In the last 10 years computers have become increasingly cheaper to buy, due to huge technological advances and fierce competition, driving prices down. It the wake of the computer revolution the internet has followed quickly, becoming faster, cheaper and more accessible. With these technological advances the world has become increasingly smaller enabling piracy and file sharing to become common practiceRead MoreAll Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace by Richard Brautigan1229 Words   |  5 PagesAll Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace by Richard Brautigan Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all. John F. Kennedy, May 21, 1963 (676) In his poem All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace, published in 1968, Richard Brautigan places the reader in a future realm: a sparkling utopia where mammals and computers live together in mutually programming harmony (1). He draws us in by juxtaposing images of nature, man and machine that challenge us to imagine this newRead More From Hacking to Cyber Terrorism Essay3963 Words   |  16 Pagesadvanced and convenient life to the society. But, over the time we are also observing explosive growth in the darker side of the IT - regarding hacking and cyber crimes. Activities like unauthorized computer intrusion, denial of service (DOS), stealing computer passwords and secure data; causing damage to computer systems and databases and causing damage to individuals/society are not very rare these days. As we go further on this paper, we will see different aspects of hacking, from harmless (simplyRead MoreOutsourcing: Staying Competitive In The Global Market Essays1719 Words   |  7 PagesAbstract As more companies expand their business globally, they are seeing more opportunities and an increased set of threats to the market. Threats like war, political revolutions, new currencies, and natural disasters can affect growth and political stability throughout the world, so in order to successfully compete in the international market more companies are faced with the decision of relocating part of their operation offshore. This paper will address what key elements companies in this situationRead MoreSociology and Modernization1870 Words   |  8 Pagesindustrial revolution, urbanization and other social changes that alters peoples lives. Modernization promotes individualism over the unity of traditional communities and encourages rationality over traditional philosophies. Modernization can have both positive and negative effects on society and can often bring about controversy. The German sociologist Ferdinand Tà ¶nnies (1855-1937) formed the theory of Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft. Ferdinand Tà ¶nnies saw modernization as the progressive loss of humanRead MoreLegal Ethical Issues for It Practitioners2523 Words   |  11 Pagesempowerment of all its citizens through access and use of information and knowledge. Every person and every nation must have equal opportunity to benefit from cultural diversity and scientific progress as a basic human right in the current information revolution and the emerging knowledge society† (Gordon Sork, 2001). The code of ethics that IT practitioners generally follow consists of general moral imperatives, specific IT practitioner responsibilities, organizational leadership imperatives andRead MoreEssay on Privacy Infringements through the Internet2173 Words   |  9 PagesToday in society, people are expected to be able to protect their own privacy, but the very definition of privacy states that it is in no way completely attainable, nor will it ever be. And why would people want that when it has been proven that to achieve absolute privacy would mean to forfeit a place in society (Nehf)? But in recent years, privacy infringements through the Internet have gotten out of hand. Until privacy becomes a principal concern for Internet users, they remain unsafe, easyRead MoreAnnotated Bibliography: Issue of IT Ethics2194 Words   |  9 Pagesthe challenges and the long term effects they are having on stakeholders. Spinello, R. A. (2011). Cyber Ethics - Morality and Law in Cyberspace. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett Learning. In chapters 5 and 6; Spinello (2011) found that privacy is becoming a major challenge for all different segments of society. This is occurring in a number of different areas including: consumer spending / buying patterns, inside the home / workplace and the way this technology is applied. Moreover, there is a discussion

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Declining Educational Standards In Karachi Pakistan Education Essay Free Essays

string(70) " a cardinal factor in any instruction system, is hapless in Pakistan\." The cause of this probe was to place the chief grounds which decline the educational criterions at secondary degree in Karachi, Pakistan. The population of the survey was both â€Å" authorities and private † schools pupils and instructors. The positions of male and female pupils and instructors were sought out. We will write a custom essay sample on Declining Educational Standards In Karachi Pakistan Education Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now Majority of the respondents had the position that the bing uneffective course of study and rating system are the chief grounds of worsening educational criterions at secondary degree in Karachi, Pakistan. Many of the respondents stated that imperfect disposal along with bad review system became its grounds. Short figure of respondent opinioned that improper wellness installations, deficiency of co-curricular activities and outmoded learning methods caused the sub standard instruction. Introduction The instruction is going one of the specifying endeavors of the twenty-first century with the outgrowth of globalisation and increasing planetary competition. Pakistan is determined to react positively to emerging demands, chances and challenges of globalisation. Education is being considered a cardinal to alter and come on. Advancement and prosperity of the state depends on the sort of instruction that is provided to the people. This survey was designed to explicate and foreground the criterions of instruction at secondary degree in Karachi. Educational criterions present standards by which judgements can be made by province and local school forces and communities, assisting them to make up one’s mind which course of study, Torahs of disposal, wellness plan, staff development activity and assessment plan is appropriate. Educational criterions promote policies that will convey coordination, consistence, and coherency to the betterment of the procedure of instruction. They allo w everyone to travel in the same way, with the confidence that the hazards they take in the name of bettering instruction will be supported by policies and patterns throughout the system. Performance criterions describe what degree of public presentation is good plenty for pupils to be described as advanced, proficient, below basic, or by some other public presentation degree. Normally educational criterion stands for quality of instruction. Quality has been the end of an ageless pursuit through the corridors of human history. It has been the divining force of all human enterprises. Educational criterions of Pakistan have been a burning issue among the educationists since independency. Every member of the society has its ain positions concern the educational criterions in Pakistan. Although, every authorities tried its best to raise the criterions of instruction but their attempts were chiefly limited to fixing merely educational policies in documents. We could non happen practical execution of their recommendations sing criterions of instruction in Pakistan. In the more huge sense a criterion is any thing used to mensurate, for illustration a criterion of behavior, a criterion of weight or length. Actually a criterion is a thing which has been used as a theoretical account to which objects or actions may be compared. The criterion of instruction is define d in Encyclopedia of Education ( 1985 ) in the undermentioned sense: â€Å" In the instruction context, so, criterions should be regarded as aims to be achieved or outlooks of desirable attitude or degrees of public presentation † .[ 1 ] Research Questions: Why the Karachi Secondary instruction declined? What the grounds behind the worsening criterion of secondary instruction in Karachi? What are the solution which can raise the criterion of secondary instruction in Karachi? Aims of the survey ( I ) To specify the existent significance of educational criterions. ( two ) To analyse the positions and sentiment of pupils and instructors about-the chief grounds of worsening educational criterions at secondary degree in Karachi. ( three ) To give suggestions and recommendation for bettering the educational criterions at secondary degree. Methodology: This survey depended on quantitative Secondary research, we analysing the information which is already available in records. The intent is to determine the overall public presentation of the authorities and private secondary schools sing standard instruction provided by them. Consequences: The collected information was converted into tabular arraies. Findingss and decisions were drawn in the visible radiation of these tabular arraies by the research workers. Table 1. The thoughts and positions of authorities secondary schools male and female pupils sing the chief grounds of worsening educational criterions at secondary degree in Karachi[ 2 ]. S.No Description Male ( Agree ) ( % ) Male ( Disagree ) ( % ) Female ( Agree ) ( % ) Female ( Disagree ) ( % ) 1 Defective disposal 70 30 90 10 2 Inflexible course of study 80 20 80 20 3 Ineffective rating system 65 35 60 40 4 Imperfect review system 70 30 55 45 5 Improper wellness installations 45 55 55 45 6 Lack of co-curricular activities 55 45 45 55 7 Outdated instruction methods 95 05 90 10 8 Inaccessibility of scholarships 45 55 30 70 Table 2[ 3 ]. Private secondary schools studentaˆYs positions about the causes of low standard instruction at secondary degree in Karachi were highlighted. S.No Description Male ( Agree ) ( % ) Male ( Disagree ) ( % ) Female ( Agree ) ( % ) Female ( Disagree ) ( % ) 1 Defective disposal 60 40 70 30 2 Inflexible course of study 65 35 85 15 3 Ineffective rating system 75 25 70 30 4 Imperfect review system 65 35 90 10 5 Improper wellness installations 40 60 50 50 6 Lack of co-curricular activities 30 70 45 55 7 Outdated instruction methods 95 05 95 05 8 Inaccessibility of scholarships 45 55 35 65 Table 3.[ 4 ]The positions of instructors belonging to authorities secondary schools about the chief grounds of worsening criterion of instruction at secondary degree in Karachi are stated. S.No Description Male ( Agree ) ( % ) Male ( Disagree ) ( % ) Female ( Agree ) ( % ) Female ( Disagree ) ( % ) 1 Defective disposal 60 40 40 60 2 Inflexible course of study 80 20 80 20 3 Ineffective rating system 60 40 40 60 4 Imperfect review system 80 20 60 40 5 Improper wellness installations 40 60 60 40 6 Lack of co-curricular activities 40 60 40 60 7 Outdated instruction methods 60 40 60 40 8 Inaccessibility of scholarships 40 60 20 80 The Role and Appointment of Teachers The quality of instructors, which is a cardinal factor in any instruction system, is hapless in Pakistan. You read "Declining Educational Standards In Karachi Pakistan Education Essay" in category "Essay examples" The chief ground is the low degree of educational makings required to go a primary school instructor ; which includes ten old ages of schooling and an eleven-month certification plan. It has been established through assorted surveies that pupil accomplishment is closely related to the figure of old ages of formal schooling of instructors. Therefore, pupils of instructors with 12 old ages of schooling perform better than pupils of matriculate ( 10 old ages instruction ) instructors, who in bend perform better than pupils of instructors with merely grade eightqualifications. The 2nd factor relates to the quality of instructor enfranchisement plans, which suffersfrom the deficiency of adequately trained maestro trainers, small accent on learning pattern and non-existence of a proper support/monitoring system for instructors. In the absence of any commissioned organic structure to attest instructors, the mere acquisition of a certificate/diploma is considered sufficient to use for a teaching place. In add-on, teacher assignment in schools is capable to interference from local involvement groups seeking to topographic point instructors of their pick within their constituency. This has opened the system to graft and lease seeking taking to high degrees of instructor absenteeism accentuated by the absence of an effectual supervising system. The assignment of instructors particularly in primary schools is capable to the political influence or paying immense money. Training for Government Teachers[ 5 ] The disposal of teacher preparation in Pakistan is a provincial duty. However, the course of study wing at the federal degree is besides responsible for teacher instruction institutions.Government primary school instructors are trained through Government Colleges for Elementary Teachers ( GCETs ) , the distance instruction plan of the Allama Iqbal Open University ( AIOU ) , and teacher preparation classs run in secondary schools known as Normal Schools or PTC units. Alumnuss of these establishments are taught a similar course of study, and receive the Primary Teaching Certificate ( PTC ) or Certificate in Teaching ( CT ) at the terminal of one twelvemonth. Generally, the figure of appliers is far greater than the figure of topographic points available. There is besides an acute deficit of instructor preparation installations, peculiarly for female instructors in certain parts and particularly in the state of Balochistan. Private School Teachers The quality of instruction imparted by the bulk of private schools is questionable owing to an acute famine of decently trained and qualified instructors, and any sort of support mechanism for these instructors. Except for big school systems like Beaconhouse, City, Lahore Grammar, and others, which constitute a little per centum of the bing private schools the bulk of others have appointed instructors who are qualified up to intercede ( 12 old ages of schooling ) or BA degree ( 14 old ages of instruction ) , and are paid much lower wages compared to their opposite numbers in the authorities sector in add-on to no occupation security. The big schools and school systems have instituted their ain instructor preparation plans or entree specialised private establishments. There is less disposition in these schools to engaging instructors who have antecedently been trained by authorities establishments and hold grades in B. Ed or M. Ed ; their penchant is for those fluid in English linguis tic communication. Therefore, really few instructors hired by the private schools have had any pre-service preparation. Thereis a felt demand to heighten the professional accomplishments of those who are presently working through assorted inset plans. Discussion Education is a powerful tool and cardinal force in the life of adult male. Deepak ( 2006 ) stated that instruction plays an instructional function in determining the fate of the person and the hereafter of world. SEAMEO-Jasper Research Award ( 2009 ) further clears that instruction provides chances to get cognition and competences to work in a planetary environment. The end of constructing a cohesive, just and harmonious community, bound together in solidarity for deeper apprehension and cooperation, presents new challenges for bookmans and instruction practicians in geting new constructs and advanced theoretical accounts for effectual instruction and acquisition. The criterion of instruction is direct effect and result of the quality of instructors and learning methods used by them. Society believes that competent, effectual instructors are of import keys to a strong system of instruction. Consequently, instructors are expected to be adept in the usage of instructional engineerings and category room direction techniques. They are besides expected to hold a thorough apprehension of the developmental degrees of their pupils and a societal group of the content they teach. To keep and widen this high degree of accomplishments, instructors are expected to be informed of model patterns and to show a devise for professional development. Teacher competence and effectivity includes the duty to assist all scholars win. Sing criterions Seth ( 1970 ) stated that we have provided more and more money to more and more of that we may be making ill. We hope that we could make it better. Educationists of international differentiation have suggested that it will be possible merely by developing suited course of study and using educational engineerings to do the course of study more effectual and the school more efficient. Jalala ( 2004 ) said that on the footing of wide aims, course of study planning should be done and suited capable content, behavioural results and other acquis ition experiences be put in for doing curriculum comprehensive. It should be based on the findings of course of study research and be enriched by interdisciplinary coaction among experts on different topics. All this would lend to the design of a entire school course of study that is complementary every bit good as comprehensive. In Pakistan quality instruction has marked a clear line of favoritism on fiscal evidences, and more well, it is beyond the range of many pupils. Muhammad ( 2009 ) declared that the saddening and deteriorating status of educational system in the state raises many fingers on instruction section, whose representatives, so confidently, sing vocals of success in every of their visual aspect. There is no answerability of the typical landlord civilization, which is traveling on in bulk of the countryaˆYs establishments. If authorities purposes to make the sky of standard instruction and to supply it at doorsill of every Pakistani, it should maintain its eyes u nfastened, as the written records and work in advancement in the edifices named schools, are non in any convincing or absorbing place. Particularly for the betterment of criterion at secondary degree instruction sufficient stairss should be taken, because secondary instruction is linking nexus between primary and high instruction as Srivastara ( 2005 ) stated that secondary instruction is frequently considered as the most of import section of the single acquisition. Harmonizing to Water and McFadden ( 2003 ) secondary school is a topographic point where much complex interaction takes topographic point that has a important impact on the individuality formation of immature people and the consequent success in big life. Education is the basic right of every person in the society but unluckily, educational criterions in Pakistan are worsening fastly. One of the most of import factors in criterions of instruction is good rating system. Evaluation plays a great function in the accomplishments and acquisition of single. Particularly it can be helpful for instructors to analyse as Lal ( 2005 ) stated that rating help the instructors to better his schoolroom processs and methods of learning in the visible radiation of provender back. Unfortunately in Pakistan imperfect rating system besides devalue the criterions of instruction in schools. Recommendation ( I ) The course of study of secondary degree should be improved harmonizing to the demands of clip and wants of the society. ( two ) Introduce high quality choice process for secondary degree instructors and offer the campaigners better inducements. ( three ) The disposal of school should be effectual and efficient. It should maintain democratic attack. ( four ) The rating system at secondary degree should be organized and modern techniques must be used to measure the abilities of a kid. ( V ) There should non be political intervention in educational establishments. ( six ) All secondary authorities and private schools should be allocated with proper wellness installations ( neat and clean and harmonizing to the wellness rules nutrient and handiness of physician or a nurse in the schools ) . ( seven ) The lone trained instructors should be appointed in schools. ( eight ) The secondary school instructors should utilize modern learning methods harmonizing to the age and psychological demands of pupils. ( nine ) There should be chances provided to the pupils for take parting in different co-curricular activities. ( ten ) The procedure of review should be done in proper and democratic manner and the construct of favours should be out of this procedure. ( eleven ) The scholarships should be provided to meriting and intelligent pupils at secondary degree in schools. ( twelve ) Various squads of experts should be involved in executing the above mentioned undertaking of betterment and formation. Decision After analysing the consequences it can be easy concluded that uneffective disposal, non flexible course of study and outdated learning methods used by instructors are the chief grounds of worsening educational criterions at secondary degree. We may state that to some extent the imperfect rating system and bad review involved in this impairment. Improper wellness installations, political intervention, missing of co-curricular activities, non handiness of scholarships are besides some of the factors which destroy criterions of instruction at secondary degree in Karachi. REFFERNCES Spaulding S ( 1970 ) . The record is so impressive, UNESCO Department Publications. Jalala KC ( 2004 ) . Rao Digmarti, Methods of Teaching Educational Technology, Discovery Publishing House. Tiwari D ( 2006 ) . Methods of Teaching Education, Crescent Publishing Corporation. International Encyclopedia of Education, Ref. LB 1569, 1985, 10 Volumes. SEAMEO-Jasper Research Award ( 2009 ) . Annual Report. Subject: â€Å" TeachersaˆY Professional Development in Southeast Asia † . Jalalzai MK ( 2005 ) . The Crisis of Education in Pakistan, State Policies and Textbooks, Al-Abbas international Publications Lahore. Mukhopadhyay M ( 2005 ) . Entire Quality Management in Education, Sage-Publications. JavaScript ( narrative print ) ( 2004 ) . Published on 21st September, Available at World Wide Web. Edweek. Org/rc/issues/standards. Accessed 05 -08-2009. Aslam P ( 2005 ) . Policies and Policy Formation, National Foundation, Lahore. Srivastara DS ( 2005 ) Secondary Education, Mehra Offset Press. Lal JP ( 2005 ) Educational Measurement and Evaluation, Anmol Publications PVT LTD. How to cite Declining Educational Standards In Karachi Pakistan Education Essay, Essay examples

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Importance Of Giving Appropriate Credit To Others †Free Samples

Question: Discuss about the Importance Of Giving Appropriate Credit To Others When Writing Up Ones Own Work. Answer: During preparation of a research or any other document, one may need to check and extract information from some others work. However, it is required to acknowledge the source of the information or it will be considered as plagiarism. Plagiarism is defined as using some others work without acknowledgement as ones own word. Plagiarism is a criminal offense that can lead to serious consequences that can lead to law suits, penalties or even jail time. Academic institutions like colleges and universities around the world have taken several steps to stop such crime. These steps include cancellation of the examination paper, deduction of marks or even expulsion of the student from the university. Academic honesty is a principal part of learning and instructing and a center estimation of various universities all around the globe. The universities take the view that all academic dishonesty is inadmissible and this arrangement plans to maintain the gauges of morals and trustworthiness encapsul ated in the understudy sanctions and expected of all students. The universities expect to deliver graduates with solid moral establishments equipped for applying the standards of scholarly honesty at universities and past in their expert and individual lives. The universities mean to show students the standards of academic honesty and give the aptitudes and assets required for fruitful learning. Academic dishonesty undermines the universities' center esteems and the learning knowledge ( 2017). However, before exploring the act of plagiarism, it needs to be known the importance of acknowledging ones work with proper credits. When one particular individual or researcher publishes a particular work, it requires him to conduct extensive research through long period of time (months, years or even decades). Hence, he deserves his credit for all the work he has done throughout the research period. However, if someone uses his work and presents it as his own, that will not on ly be injustice to the researcher but also a significant crime. One individual is definitely allowed use the help of the work of other researchers during his own research and he may even quote that reference literature in his work. However, it is important that he must acknowledge the writer of the literature by using suitable references and in-text citations. He can also prepare a separate paragraph in the beginning of the paper to acknowledge all the literature writers from which he has taken help from. Moreover, he also needs to write the theories or research data in his words rather than the ones used by the original writer. Before publishing the paper, the individual must ensure suitable acknowledgements and credits have been given to the original researcher ( 2017). This is also applicable in the professional field where some people use someone elses ideas and use it as their own for their personal gain like promotion. This is simply not acceptable as this will hamper t he professional progress of the individual with the original idea. Hence, it is important to give appropriate credit to others when writing up ones own work. References (2017).University Policies | Academic Honesty Policy. [online] Available at: [Accessed 2 Aug. 2017]. (2017).Ethical Guidelines. [online] Available at: [Accessed 2 Aug. 2017].